Film Schedule

The SouthSide Film Festival’s schedule features five days of programming including our opening night, late night, and closing night films.  For information on these special screenings and parties, please check out events page.  For synopses, run-times, and other info on the films please head over to the Film Info page.  The film block compilations will be posted below the screening times.

Click here for a PDF of the entire 2019 SSFF program.  Click here for a PDF of just the 2019 schedule.

Charter Arts Touchstone NMIH
Saturday, June 15th
1:20-3:00 Light in the Water Doc Block 3 Animation Block 2
3:20-5:00 The Weight of Water Animation Block 1 Comedy Block
5:20-6:50 Inside/Outside Boom Drama Block 1
7:20-9:00 Gay Chorus Deep South

Animation Block 1
59 Secondes (16m)
Best Friend (5m)
Big Booom (4m)
The Bird & the Whale (7m)
Blind Mice (9m)
CHICHI (10m)
The Christmas Rabbit (11m)
Fun More (1m)
Game Changer (3m)
I’m going out for cigarettes (13m)

Animation Block 2
Layers (4m)
One Small Step (8m)
Ride (2m)
Smoke -n- Suds (13m)
Take Rabbit (15m)
Trump Bites (5m)
Under Covers (9m)
Untravel (9m)
Wild Love (7m)

Comedy Block
Behave, Kids (10m)
Lobsters (5m)
The Metal Detector (10m)
BIG DATA “L1ZY” (10m)
Blood Shed (13m)
Porch Light (9m)
Sparks (17m)
Ten minutes tops (6m)
The Worst That Could Happen (4m)

Doc Block 1
Clockwork Monsters (6m)
Justin Geller – Thought It Would Be A Good Story (6m)
The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market (21m)
Super 8 Daze (14m)
Top Row (18m)
Wine in Moderation (7m)

Doc Block 2
Betty Feeds the Animals (9m)
Mr. Ji (8m)
The Trouble With Wolves (56m)
The Wonder (7m)

Doc Block 3
Beneath the Ink (6m)
UDFB: Navigating Seattle’s Housing Crisis (7m)
Gigi (5m)
Salvage (57m)

Drama Block 1
Carga (19m)
Dare Not Fly (18m)
Girlfriends (19m)
I ran (11m)
ME 3.769 (9m)
My Florida Home (10m)
O.I. (19m)
Blue Mountain (2m)

Drama Block 2
The Orphan (15m)
The Passport (15m)
The Pour Excuse (5m)
Ready (16m)
The Secret Lives of Teachers (12m)
Turned to the Sun (4m)
Why am I so Ugly all the Time? (3m)
Kubrick by Candlelight (18m)
The Lossen (26m)

Beast (19m)
The Carpool (14m)
How to Be Alone (13m)
Meat Eater (2m)
Playtime’s Over (10m)
BIG DATA “L1ZY” (10m)
Blood Shed (13m)

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