SouthSide Film Institute

2021 Films






A Tale of Two Viruses directed by John Wrigley

2021 | 3 minutes | Animated Short

Two anthropomorphized coronaviruses debate the morality of what they’re doing to the human race.

A Recipe for Tofu Scramble directed by Alex Fink

2019 | 1 minute | Animated Short

A piece of tofu goes on a journey to find ingredients and create tofu scramble.

Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa directed by Barbara Attie, Mie Attie, and Janet Goldwater

2019 | 13 minutes | Documentary Short

At an abortion helpline in Philadelphia, counselors arrive each morning to the nonstop ringing of calls from women and teens who are seeking to end a pregnancy but can’t afford to. Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa reveals the brutal impact of the Hyde Amendment, designed to prevent those struggling financially from access to abortion.

Alien on Stage directed by Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey

2021 | 83 minutes | Documentary Feature

This is a story about a unique crew of Dorset Bus Drivers whose amateur dramatics group decide to ditch doing another pantomime and try something different. Having never done anything like it before, they spent a year creating a serious adaptation of the sci-fi, horror film, Alien; finding ingenious solutions to pay homemade, homage to the original film. The show is a crushing flop but fate gives them a second chance to find their audience.

Bad Candy directed by Scott Hansen and Desiree Connell

2020 | 102 minutes | Dark Comedy Feature

Bad Candy follows local Halloween stories of both myth and lessons learned in the community of New Salem. With its annual Psychotronic FM Halloween show, re-enactment radio DJs Chilly Billy and Paul weave the tales of the supernatural of years gone by. In this small town it’s a grimy ending for most, but will a few good souls survive?

Banana Phone directed by Laura Bancroft

2020 | 5 minutes | Comedy Short

A desperate woman seeks help when she discovers her one and only banana is in poor health, but time is running out.

Beer Boom directed by Eric W Schleyer and Andrew Coury

2020 | 60 minutes | Documentary Feature

Craft beer in New York City is big business. But will passion and commitment be enough for a family-owned brewery to make it in the world’s toughest city?

Before I’m Gone directed by Cody Graham

2020 | 58 minutes | Documentary Feature

David spent every weekend at the Western Speedway. But he never yearned to drive the cars. Instead, David was there to learn how to build them. “Some kids like taking apart cuckoo clocks,” he smiles. “I guess I just like racecars.” David got so good at it, his Langford-built cars started winning on the U.S. NASCAR circuit, which led to the creation of a successful marine suspensions company, Shockwave Seats. David was in the pole position of life until his breaks were slammed by stage-four prostate cancer. So David pursued a controversial treatment in the U.S. It caused the cancer to retreat and his perspective on life to change. In the five years since his diagnosis, David says he’s become kinder – and more courageous. He’s returned to the Western Speedway, this time in the driver’s seat.

Betting on Bethlehem directed by Delaney McCaffrey, Kari Moffat, and Caroline Kelliher

2019 | 42 minutes | Documentary Feature

Exploring the social and economic impact of the Wind Creek Casino Resort (formerly Sands) on the South Bethlehem community.

Bolero Station directed by Rolf Brönnimann

2018 | 10 minutes | Animated Short

The signalman lives on one side of the tracks, the saleswoman on the other. They see each other every day, but it’s not till death comes knocking that they both seize their chance to be together.

Cassette directed by Ilya Polyakpv

2020 | 8 minutes | Horror Short

A young man working the graveyard shift at an old video store soon discovers something very sinister about the place.

Centaur Hunter directed by David Chai

2019 | 7 minutes | Animated Short

After a young girl’s father is murdered by an evil centaur, she comes to realize that extracting revenge can often take one’s whole life.

Clean Slate directed by Jared Callahan

2021 | 95 minutes | Documentary Feature

Executive produced by Alex Lehmann (Paddleton, Blue Jay), CLEAN SLATE follows two friends in a drug recovery program in the American South struggling to come to terms with their addiction and mental illness by making a short film about the pain they’ve caused their families.

Concealer directed by Jenna Cipolloni

2019 | 5 minutes | Narrative Short

A woman undergoes a ritual to open her locked bedroom door in this meditation about feminine permissibility.

Don’t Order the Lobster Comedy Short

2021 | 3 minutes | Animated Short

Pressure mounts on ordering from a confusing menu. A lonely man drives the open roads of the Arizona desert. Two aardvarks and a politician discuss gangstalking and cyberbullying.

Everything in Hardware directed by Jamie Wright

2020 | 28 minutes | Documentary Short

The Bindley Hardware Company was a hardware wholesaler and retailer at the turn of the 20th century in Pittsburgh, PA. Over 100 years after its retirement, the Bindley family’s only surviving ancestor, Jon Bindley, has re-invented the hardware seller as an American roots band. Alongside some of the city’s foremost historical institutions, Jon personally pieces together his family’s timeline. With recovered Bindley Hardware artifacts and ephemera in tow, Jon comes to understand what it means to be a son of the rust belt.

Forgive Me, Father directed by Jona Schlosser

2020 | 21 minutes | Drama Short

The short film FORGIVE ME, FATHER takes the viewer back to the year 1966. Germany is divided. Not far from East Berlin, 10-year-old Thomas grows up with his grandmother. It soon becomes clear that there is nothing normal about his family. As a small boy, he has to witness his mother being committed to a psychiatric institution for unknown reasons. This event haunts the boy up to his present. Plagued by a strong longing for his father, who emigrated to West Germany even before the construction of the German Wall, he plans his escape, which radically changes not only his life but also that of the border guard Johannes Bauer.