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Take Me to Prom directed by Andrew Moir

2019 | 21 minutes | Documentary Short

Featuring the high school prom stories of queer people ages 17 to 88, ‘Take Me To Prom’ captures 70 years of LGBTQ social progress through this adolescent milestone.

Tank Fairy directed by Erich Rettstadt

2021 | 10 minutes | Narrative Short

In Taiwan, “song wa si de” are workers who routinely supply gas tanks to street vendors and old residential buildings. The magical Tank Fairy delivers her tanks unlike any other – with sass, stilettos and a healthy helping of glitter. Tank Fairy is a musical extravaganza that encourages us all to embrace our authentic selves.

Terrible Children directed by Shanti Thakur

2021 | 56 minutes | Documentary Feature

The filmmaker discovers a story about her father from a letter that remained unopened for 20 years. She tells his lyrical nightmares and archival dreams about religious war, love, and redemption across India, Denmark, USA and Canada.

The Amazing Adventures of Awesome directed by Allison Brownmoore

2020 | 6 minutes | Animated Short

A hand-illustrated animated film about a young autistic girl at the heart of a quiet revolution.

The Automat directed by Lisa Hurwitz

2021 | 79 minutes | Documentary Feature

The Automat tells the story of the iconic restaurant chain Horn & Hardart, the inspiration for Starbucks, where generations of Americans ate and drank coffee together at communal tables. From the perspective of former customers, the Horns, the Hardarts, and key employees – we watch a business climb to its peak success and then grapple with fast food in a forever changed America.

The Best Orchestra in the World directed by Henning Backhaus

2020 | 14 minutes | Narrative Short

Ingbert, the sock, applies for a position as double bass player at the Vienna State Orchestra. Bad idea.

The Captain directed by Greg Kohs

2020 | 8 minutes | Documentary Short

Of Maine’s more than 5000 commercial lobstermen, only 4% are female. The Captain is a short documentary film that celebrates that fearless 4% through the lens of Sadie Samuels, a 28-year-old lobster boat captain who is equal parts beauty and badass.

The Last Marriage directed by Johan Tappert & Gustav Egerstedt

2021 | 16 minutes | Narrative Short

A comedy about how the meager everyday life continues even after the zombie apocalypse.

The Liberator directed by Patrick Fritz

2021 | 18 minutes | Narrative Short

A Black, Gay, Holocaust researcher, Emmett, struggles to convince his boyfriend’s grandfather Sam, A Dachau liberator, to reveal his untold story of gay pink triangle survivors.

The One, The Ones, and the Won directed by Wally Chung

2021 | 1 minute | Animated Short

Living in the big city, a man’s sleep is interrupted.

The Seine’s Tears directed by Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur

2021 | 9 minutes | Animated Short

17 October 1961, “Algerian workers” got down in the streets to protest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the police prefecture.

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night directed by Fawzia Mirza

2021 | 11 minutes | Narrative Short

All cards are on the table when a queer Pakistani Muslim woman brings her Puerto Rican partner home for the first time on the family’s annual game night.

There Are Bunnies On Fire in the Forest directed by JLee MacKenzie

2020 | 4 minutes | Animated Short

A young girl gets in big trouble for kissing her friend on the cheek at school during the pandemic.

There’s Something in the Silence directed by Mike Castro

2020 | 8 minutes | Narrative Short

Erin’s new hearing aids have been picking up voices and sounds she’s unable to explain. In an attempt to quiet the voices, she confronts them head on – only to find there may be something more sinister lurking in the depths of silence.

This Feels Right directed by Jonathan Thomas Coleman

2021 | 9 minutes | Narrative Short

A bickering couple get lost on a dead-end road and stumble into a horrifying time loop that will change their lives forever. A comedy.

Total Disaster directed by Keil Orion Troisi, Molly Gore

2022 | 12 minutes | Documentary Short

Trickster environmental activists pretending to be oil behemoth Total stage a satirical press conference to introduce “RéHabitat”, a plan to rescue animals from the East African Oil Pipeline by relocating them to “more sustainable” habitats in France. Using humor and mischief, they shed light on a deadly ecological and humanitarian disaster.

Video Visit directed by Malika Zouhali – Worrall

2021 | 23 minutes | Documentary Short

Each week, scores of people visit the Brooklyn Public Library to see their incarcerated loved ones via a free video call. “Video Visit” tells the story of two mothers and their sons, and the librarians who negotiate daily with the Department of Corrections(and a growing for-profit prison telecoms industry) in an effort to keep the families connected.