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Time: 5:20pm to 6:50pm

Betting on Bethlehem directed by Delaney McCaffrey, Kari Moffat, and Caroline Kelliher

2019 | 42 minutes | Documentary Feature

Exploring the social and economic impact of the Wind Creek Casino Resort (formerly Sands) on the South Bethlehem community.

Women of Steel directed by Robynne Murphy

2020 | 56 minutes | Documentary Feature

Wollongong, New South Wales,1980: Denied jobs at the steelworks, the city’s main employer, working class/migrant women refused discrimination. Their 14-year campaign for the right to work pitted them against BHP, the richest and most powerful company in Australia. In Women of Steel, they tell their personal stories – from the unemployment line to the factory gate to the High Court. It’s an exciting and often humorous story of the ups and downs of a group of seemingly ordinary women, determined to overcome a giant. This is an extraordinary but little known episode in women’s history!

VENUE: NMIH | 602 E. 2ND ST.

Time: 5:20pm to 6:50pm

Snowy directed by Kaitlyn Schwalje and Alexander Lewis

2020 | 12 minutes | Documentary Short

Every November, co-Directors Alex Wolf Lewis and Kaitlyn Schwalje eat Thanksgiving dinner at Alex’s Aunt and Uncle’s house just outside of Philadelphia. And every November, they marvel at the fact that the family’s 4-inch-long pet turtle, Snowy, is still alive. Snowy has lived an isolated life in the family basement for the past 10+ years with minimal sunlight and no companionship other than that of his primary caretaker, Uncle Larry. In an effort to improve Snowy’s life we ask: Is Snowy happy? And is Snowy even capable of experiencing happiness?

My Friend, The Mayor; Small-town Politics in the Age of Trump directed by Max Westerman

2019 | 60 minutes | Documentary Feature

Among the first to be hit by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s, Sean Strub’s political ambitions took a backseat as he struggled to survive. Now 60, he is running for mayor of a conservative town in Pennsylvania. How will this liberal, openly gay ex-New Yorker and founder of POZ, a magazine for people with HIV, fare in a rural community that voted for Donald Trump?


ANIMATION BLOCK | Time: 5:20pm to 6:50pm

A Tale of Two Viruses directed by John Wrigley

2021 | 3 minutes | Animated Short

Two anthropomorphized coronaviruses debate the morality of what they’re doing to the human race.

Prickly Jam directed by James Cunningham

2019 | 6 minutes | Animated Short

An end of days comedy animation about an amorous cricket and a starving hedgehog who wants to eat the last cricket left in the world.

Don’t Order the Lobster Comedy Short

2021 | 3 minutes | Animated Short

Pressure mounts on ordering from a confusing menu. A lonely man drives the open roads of the Arizona desert. Two aardvarks and a politician discuss gangstalking and cyberbullying.

A Recipe for Tofu Scramble directed by Alex Fink

2019 | 1 minute | Animated Short

A piece of tofu goes on a journey to find ingredients and create tofu scramble.

Bolero Station directed by Rolf Brönnimann

2018 | 10 minutes | Animated Short

The signalman lives on one side of the tracks, the saleswoman on the other. They see each other every day, but it’s not till death comes knocking that they both seize their chance to be together.

Love Stories directed by Elizabeth Myles

2019 | 7 minutes | Animated Short

Love can come from many places: a memory, a story, a song. Told from multiple perspectives and always from a place of love, this film is a rumination on the feeling that we all search for in the hopes of finding it. Experimental animations bring Love Stories to life in a touching exploration of what it means to experience love in this world.

SALT directed by David Chai

2020 | 3 minutes | Animated Short

An irritated little brother and his bossy older sister come to learn that saying “I love you” doesn’t always mean saying “I love you.”

Trudie’s Goose directed by C. Lily Ericsson, Cheri Gaulke, Samara Hutman, and Liran Kapel

2020 | 5 minutes | Animated Short

When a young girl preparing for her Bat Mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age ritual, befriends a Holocaust survivor elder both lives are changed forever as they journey from darkness to healing through the power of art.

Song Sparrow directed by Farzaneh Omidvarnia

2019 | 12 minutes | Animated Short

Based on real events, in Austria 2015, and in Ireland 2019: A group of refugees tries to reach a safe country in search of a better life. They pay a smuggler to convey them across the borders in a fridge truck. However, the freezing temperature of the truck turns their hopes for a better future into a fierce struggle for survival.

Centaur Hunter directed by David Chai

2019 | 7 minutes | Animated Short

After a young girl’s father is murdered by an evil centaur, she comes to realize that extracting revenge can often take one’s whole life.

The Winter directed by Xin Li

2020 | 5 minutes | Animated Short

Walking in a snowy forest, a peasant sees an unusual deer and goes to follow it. The deer allures him and the peasant even wants to catch it.

The Gospel of Damian directed by Collin Kornfeind

2020 | 4 minutes | Animated Short

A teenage goth, Damian, buries a manifesto in 1994 that is unearthed centuries later by alien invaders.

UFO Vs. Dinosaur directed by Brian Henkel

2019 | 2 minutes | Animated Short

Another quiet evening in Pangea.

Snow Shelter directed by Robertas Nevecka

2020 | 16 minutes | Animated Short

Frigid winter in a war-devastated, present-day city. Several years have passed since the destruction, and the city is slowly rebuilding. A thirty-year-old guy is living as a squatter in an apartment with a group of strangers. He struggles to survive and also to find a little more comfort in this rough setting. One night he nearly burns the flat down, hoping for a warmer sleep. His roommates start hating him, so the guy has to find another shelter.


Time: 7:20pm to 9pm

Marionette Land directed by Alexander Monelli

2020 | 84 minutes | Documentary Feature

“Marionette Land” is an intimate portrait into the wonderful world of Robert Brock, a man who lives above his own magical marionette theatre with his mother, Mary Lou. Brock creates and performs classic marionette shows for families as well as grown-up shows where he straps on his heels to become famous Hollywood divas of the past. But new personal and professional challenges emerge as Robert and Mary Lou struggle to keep the marionette theatre open while preparing to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

VENUE: NMIH | 602 E. 2ND ST.

MISC BLOCK | Time: 7:20pm to 9pm

Banana Phone directed by Laura Bancroft

2020 | 5 minutes | Comedy Short

A desperate woman seeks help when she discovers her one and only banana is in poor health, but time is running out.

The Last House directed by Mike James

2020 | 4 minutes | Narrative Short

A neighborhood dad taking some kids trick or treating gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to let the kids visit one last house for the night.

Grizzlies directed by Alex Heller

2019 | 9 minutes | Comedy Short

Within the midwestern animal kingdom, teenage workplaces (like Dairy Queen) are known to employ some of the most savage beasts of prey. In this comedy about animal instincts to protect family, a retiree and her adult daughter must stand up to each other’s bullies. *Pathetically and nostalgically based on true events.

Concealer directed by Jenna Cipolloni

2019 | 5 minutes | Narrative Short

A woman undergoes a ritual to open her locked bedroom door in this meditation about feminine permissibility.

Forgive Me, Father directed by Jona Schlosser

2020 | 21 minutes | Drama Short

The short film FORGIVE ME, FATHER takes the viewer back to the year 1966. Germany is divided. Not far from East Berlin, 10-year-old Thomas grows up with his grandmother. It soon becomes clear that there is nothing normal about his family. As a small boy, he has to witness his mother being committed to a psychiatric institution for unknown reasons. This event haunts the boy up to his present. Plagued by a strong longing for his father, who emigrated to West Germany even before the construction of the German Wall, he plans his escape, which radically changes not only his life but also that of the border guard Johannes Bauer.

Three Men Named Mantas directed by James Mackenzie

2019 | 11 minutes | Narrative Short

A pregnant American tracks down the father of her child in the most foreign of places: Lithuania.

Sister directed by Janine Bujie Zhang

2020 | 13 minutes | Narrative Short

A pair of left-behind sisters welcome their parents who haven’t been home for two years. Sisters look forward to the reunion, but only to find awkwardness and estrangement. The naive and outgoing younger sister is excited for the gifts her parents have brought from the city, while the quiet and introverted elder sister becomes even more gloomy. Within only their parents’ stay of four days, the family grows closer and comes to an unspoken understanding of affections to each other. Soon it’s time for the family to say farewell again. The reticent older sister finally chooses to evade the scene and confront her grief alone.

Rebel directed by Pier-Phillippe Chevigny

2019 | 15 minutes | Narrative Short

Alex, a six-year-old boy from Quebec, is much too young to understand why thousands of refugees have been entering Canada illegally. Yet when his father takes him along to a vigilante patrol in the woods to hunt out trespassing migrants, something inside him tells him to rebel.

Cassette directed by Ilya Polyakpv

2020 | 8 minutes | Horror Short

A young man working the graveyard shift at an old video store soon discovers something very sinister about the place.

How Long Until directed by John Rehr

2021 | 3 minutes | Comedy Short

Castaway was about a man stranded on a deserted island. This is about two men stranded on a deserted island. Which changes everything.


DOCUMENTARY BLOCK 3 | Time: 7:20pm to 9pm

Trade Center directed by Adam B Baran

2021 | 9 minutes | Documentary Short

The voices of five gay men who cruised for sex at the World Trade Center in the 1980s and 1990s haunt the sanitized, commerce-driven landscape that is the newly rebuilt Freedom Tower campus. World Premiere at SXSW Film Festival in 2021.

Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa directed by Barbara Attie, Mie Attie, and Janet Goldwater

2019 | 13 minutes | Documentary Short

At an abortion helpline in Philadelphia, counselors arrive each morning to the nonstop ringing of calls from women and teens who are seeking to end a pregnancy but can’t afford to. Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa reveals the brutal impact of the Hyde Amendment, designed to prevent those struggling financially from access to abortion.

Last Meal directed by Marcus McKenzie and Daniel Principe

2020 | 18 minutes | Documentary Short

Capital punishment simmers in a boiling pot of controversy. Amidst the political and religious debate surrounding the issue one thing sets tongues wagging more than the others – what do the condemned eat before their execution?

We Were There to Be There directed by Jason Willis and Mike Plante

2021 | 27 minutes | Documentary Short

June 13, 1978, may not immediately ring any bells, but it has secured a place in punk rock history. A seminal performance by The Cramps and The Mutants was captured on tape for posterity as they put on a show for the residents and staff at the Napa State Hospital, a psychiatric facility with a progressive, self-sustaining philosophy.

The Rifleman directed by Sierra Pettengill

2020 | 19 minutes | Documentary Short

The story of one man who changed the National Rifle Association (NRA) forever. Told through meticulously crafted archive, The Rifleman takes us into the life and trajectory of Harlon Carter, the leading force behind a coup who paved the way for the NRA’s staunch anti-regulation stance and unyielding influence in American politics.


Time: 9:20pm to 10:55pm

Tuscaloosa directed by Philip Harder

2019 | 101 minutes | Narrative Feature

1972. Vietnam war protests and racial tension is sizzling in the late summer heat of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Billy Mitchell (Devon Bostick, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), a recent college graduate, spends the summer working on the lush grounds of an old world mental institution run by his psychiatrist father (Tate Donovan, Rocketman). Billy falls in love with Virginia (Natalia Dyer, Velvet Buzzsaw, Stranger Things), a patient who is possibly crazy, or perhaps she is the only sane person Billy has in his world. Billy’s best friend Nigel (Marchánt Davis) becomes involved with a radical civil rights activist (YG) against Tuscaloosa’s power elite, which includes Billy’s father. Billy is torn between Nigel, his father and his cronies, and Virginia who is planning her escape with or without Billy.

VENUE: NMIH | 602 E. 2ND ST.

DOCUMENTARY BLOCK 1 | Time: 9:20pm to 10:55pm

Remembering the Ice Man directed by Rich Polt

2021 | 5 minutes | Documentary Short

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the phonebook has 300+ listings for the “Herr” family name — including more than a dozen businesses with the Herr name. But if you were born in Lancaster after 1950, it’s possible you would never have heard of the C.L. Herr Ice Company, which closed its doors with the onset of home refrigeration. Not only did Christian L. Herr bring artificial ice to the region in the late 1800s, his family farm served as a de facto gathering spot for decades. Locals would congregate to skate on the Herr’s frozen ponds, enjoy flavored ice-shavings, and marvel at their collection of exotic birds.

Snowy directed by Kaitlyn Schwalje and Alexander Lewis

2020 | 12 minutes | Documentary Short

Every November, co-Directors Alex Wolf Lewis and Kaitlyn Schwalje eat Thanksgiving dinner at Alex’s Aunt and Uncle’s house just outside of Philadelphia. And every November, they marvel at the fact that the family’s 4-inch-long pet turtle, Snowy, is still alive. Snowy has lived an isolated life in the family basement for the past 10+ years with minimal sunlight and no companionship other than that of his primary caretaker, Uncle Larry. In an effort to improve Snowy’s life we ask: Is Snowy happy? And is Snowy even capable of experiencing happiness?

Everything in Hardware directed by Jamie Wright

2020 | 28 minutes | Documentary Short

The Bindley Hardware Company was a hardware wholesaler and retailer at the turn of the 20th century in Pittsburgh, PA. Over 100 years after its retirement, the Bindley family’s only surviving ancestor, Jon Bindley, has re-invented the hardware seller as an American roots band. Alongside some of the city’s foremost historical institutions, Jon personally pieces together his family’s timeline. With recovered Bindley Hardware artifacts and ephemera in tow, Jon comes to understand what it means to be a son of the rust belt.

Saving Greensboro directed by Paul Hicks and Harry Oakes

2020 | 11 minutes | Documentary Short

When lock & dam construction along the Monongahela River threatens to flood the quiet Pennsylvanian town of Greensboro, desperate citizens seek the help of Glenn Toothman, a new young attorney, to save the place they call home. Glenn’s ensuing research unearths the town’s surprising significance to American history. But is this preservation of heritage enough to withstand the tides of modernity?

Small Town Big Canvas: An Indiana, PA Story directed by Bradford Devins

2021 | 26 minutes | Documentary Short

Dripped On The Road, a traveling artist residency program paints 14 murals ‪in 2 weeks‬ in Indiana, Pennsylvania, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The project transforms the town’s visual landscape while paying homage to its local history and focusing on creative sustainability. The town accepts the 4 artists and 3 program directors with open socially distant arms, creating a heart warming and quirky story that demonstrates the importance, power and impact of public art that contributes to community identity. In a time of crisis, uncertainty and division, the arts are a catalyst for breaking down barriers and uniting people from all walks of life.


Time: 9:20pm to 10:55pm

Rat Tail directed by Chad Sogas

2021 | 14 minutes | Documentary Short

Rat Tail explores director Chad Sogas’ battle with depression in this short autobiographical documentary. What begins as a self-deprecating story about the rat tail he had for nearly ten years (that his parents still keep in the storage room of their basement) transcends into a journey of unexpected self-discovery and healing.

Beer Boom directed by Eric W Schleyer and Andrew Coury

2020 | 60 minutes | Documentary Feature

Craft beer in New York City is big business. But will passion and commitment be enough for a family-owned brewery to make it in the world’s toughest city?