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Local Filmmakers to Show and Discuss Films at 2017 SouthSide Film Festival

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Local Filmmakers to Show and Discuss Films at 2017 SouthSide Film Festival

The SouthSide Film Festival is committed to showcasing the work of local filmmakers. Look for the following films made by locals or that feature area locations or residents. Take note of the filmmakers listed below who are attending the festival—check the schedule for their films and Q&A sessions—filmmakers might not be at all screenings.

Unleashed, the opening night comedy feature, is the story of a cosmic event that turns Emma’s dog and cat into two “perfect” guys. She ultimately does learn to love—herself. Emma is played by Nazareth native Kate Micucci, who unfortunately has a scheduling conflict and can’t attend. Director Finn Taylor will attend.

Centralia: Pennsylvania’s Lost Town, the closing night film, is a documentary about the small town in Columbia County, Pa., that was overcome by a massive underground coal fire. The film features interviews with former residents and details the legal battle some residents undertook to keep their hometown homes.

The Billboard Boys is a documentary feature about what three men went through for their chance at the American dream during the recession-plagued early 80s in the Lehigh Valley. Director Pat Taggart of Montgomery County will be in attendance.

44 Pages is a documentary feature portrait of Highlights magazine following the creation of its 70th anniversary issue. Also featured are the quirky people who produce the monthly publication in Honesdale, Pa. Along the way, the state of childhood, technology and education are explored and the future of print media is questioned.

From the Earth: A Tribute to the Slate Belt Heritage and Culture is a documentary short retelling the American immigrant experience. The film is also a diary of life in the small post-industrial region and an elegy to a dying slate industry. Director Lois Silver will attend the festival.

King of the Buskers is a documentary short about a part-time street performer with aspirations of making it big. He embarks on a road trip to find his friend and mentor, the King of the Buskers, for encouragement and advice. Local filmmakers Amy Unger and Jaccii Farris will be in attendance for the premiere of this film.

Gift Horses, a documentary short, tells the story about the horses at four greater-Philadelphia area farms that “look past disabilities and recognize the emotions inside people.” Horseback riding provides physical therapy and walking with and touching the horse provide emotional therapy. Director David Block will be in attendance.

Old Men Singing is a documentary short about the men of a collegiate a cappella group reuniting after more than 50 years to reminisce and find out if they can still perform together. The film features late Bethlehem resident Bob Cohen and shots of Lehigh University. Filmmakers Mickey Rapkin and Zachary Weil will attend.

One Halloween is a drama short with the tagline, “The only thing harder than going to war is raising a 10-year-old girl.” Director Rebecca Murga is a Chicago native with a degree in electronic media from Kutztown University and will be in attendance. She is a captain and public affairs officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.

PrepTalk is a drama short that takes place during the last week of summer vacation in which four friends discuss their high school experience. Filmmakers Susan Beth Lehrman, former assistant professor of TV/Film at DeSales University, and Michael Wagner, assistant professor of TV/Film at DeSales University will attend.

Stage 7, a documentary short, follows Frieda as she goes through Alzheimer’s disease with her daughter and boyfriend. Director Jennifer Suwak of Easton will attend the festival. She works in documentary, narrative and animation.

A Child’s Requiem is a documentary short about music written to commemorate the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School following the shootings there in 2012. Director Steven J. Lichak, Jr. of Lehigh University filmed at Lehigh. Conductor Steven Sametz composed the requiem.

Grief, a drama short, is about a college freshman confronted with the suicide of his high school sweetheart and what her actions mean for his future. Director Nick Lallo is a graduate of the TV/Film program at DeSales University

Dog Camp: A Documentary was inspired by Goldstock an annual get together of golden retrievers and their people in Lakewood, Pa. Attendees come from all over the country to reconnect with friends and raise money for dog rescue. Director Paul Kim will be in attendance.

About the SouthSide Film Festival: The SouthSide Film Festival is an annual five-day event featuring international films, guest filmmakers, juried selections, locally produced films, seminars, and networking opportunities for filmmakers and fans of independent film. The SouthSide Film Festival is a program of The SouthSide Film Institute, a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization promoting the art of the independent filmmaker.