Director: Jonathan Pickett
2023 | 17 MINUTES

On a start-up farm outside Oakland, various chicken flocks surmount daily obstacles while the newbie farmers attempt to Google their way to help.


Director: Kirk Howle
2024 | 4 MINUTES

Flying through space in a crystal ship, Modnar encounters an annoying nemesis.


Director: Dion Labriola
2021 | 60 MINUTES 

A boy’s fantastic dream of making movies with his teen idol finally becomes reality, but in the most unexpected way.


Director: Johanna Gustin
2022 | 13 MINUTES 

Visual artist Daniela Torres creates colorful ceramic dick sculptures inspired by the men who have been dicks to her. In this intimate artist portrait, Daniela shares her struggles, anger and catharsis as she creates a sculpture modelled after a series of unsolicited dick pics. She also shares her process with a diverse group of women who come together in one of her popular Berlin-based dick sculpting workshops. It’s a hands-on approach to healing that yields beautiful results.


Director: Dustie Carter  
2023 | 14 MINUTES 

Self-proclaimed “Dumpster Archeologist” Lew Blink embarks on thrilling expeditions through dimly lit alleys where every item holds a story waiting to be brought to life. Through his eyes, the trash-strewn landscapes transform into an endless playground of mysteries waiting to be unraveled inviting us to ponder the value of privacy and the impact of excessive waste while marveling at the wondrous stories within the refuge left in the alleyways.


Director: Josh Izenberg and Brett Marty
2021 | 17 MINUTES

An unconventional field biologist wages a high-tech war against ravens in the Mojave — think laser cannons, exploding tortoises, and autonomous drones — in a last-ditch effort to save the last of the desert tortoise from extinction.ased family member. 


Director: Daniel Paashaus
2024 | 5 MINUTES

A conversation between an eight year old and an eighty-one year old.


Director: Sterling Hampton IV
2023 | 12 MINUTES 

An 81-year-old Black-American woman talks about her life coming to California from the South as she spends time with her living siblings for the first time in 25 years.


Director: Peter Flynn
2023 | 102 MINUTES 

FILM IS DEAD. LONG LIVE FILM! explores the vanishing world of private film collecting—an obsessive, secretive, often illicit world of basement film vaults, piled-high with forgotten reels, inhabited by passionate cinephiles devoted to the rescue and preservation of photochemical film. Condemned as pirates and hounded by the FBI, film collectors have long lurked in the shadows. Yet their efforts have resulted in the survival of countless films that would otherwise have been lost to history. Archives and studios now look to private hands for long-lost titles and many collectors have begun restoring and releasing films themselves. As analog film fades from memory, the basement-dwellers and bootleggers of old are finally being given their due. FILM IS DEAD. LONG LIVE FILM! is a lively tribute to the private film collector, a celebration of the fetishistic subculture of pre-video movie-love, and a timely reminder of the glories of analog film.


Director: Matthew Ryan Heffner
2023 | 7 MINUTES

This documentary short details the American workers of the Bethlehem Steel Plant. The history and importance Bethlehem Steel had in making America what it is today comes straight from the mouths of men who worked there for decades. From building the country to saving it, Forged in Steel shares the story of what hard work can do for the community and beyond.


Directors: Jude Hope Harris  
2023 | 15 MINUTES 

When country singer, Randy travels to take care of his sister Sophie as she recovers from facial feminization surgery, he meets her girlfriend, Morgan, for the first time. The three bond over family history, love, and an extremely chaotic home nurse.


Director: Graham Burrell 
2023 | 14 MINUTES

A grief-stricken woman dates a similarly mourning man, only to discover that he keeps the stuffed corpse of his late grandfather taxidermy-style in the bedroom of his remote farmhouse where she is now trapped by a storm and forced to spend one terrifying night with “Grampy.”


Director: Margaux Susi 
2023 | 10 MINUTES 

Desperate for help, a woman in recovery asks an unlikely stranger on a dinner date.


Directors: Jordan Matthew Horowitz
2023 | 9 MINUTES 

Mixing documentary, archival, and breathtaking animation, JACK AND SAM is a poignant documentary about two Holocaust survivors miraculously reunited after 80 years. Now in their late 90s, they are spending the precious time they have left rekindling their friendship and educating others about the dangers of hatred. This heartwarming story explores the enduring power of connection and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.